fructele lu’ sandu

Brand Identity
Packaging design
Website Design

Fructele lu’ Sandu is a family own business, using the design to speak to consumers in a new way about the enjoyment of eating naturally grown fruits. They are hardworking, passionate growers of ecological raspberries and sea buckthorn, very pleased about their achievements in this field.

We created the visual identity, the packaging design for various products, and a presentation website. They were keen to have a modern and fresh approach to all the collateral materials as well.

The handmade ink illustration on the labels reflects the passion and the personal care that the owners have for this business and adds value to the customer experience. The customers responded very well to the new image and the sales increased really fast. Having good quality products that consumers love, along with a fresh brand identity their success continues to build.

Design de eticheta - Fructele lu' Sandu
Sea Buckthorn Powder Packaging