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We are a design studio, specialising in Brand Identity and Packaging Design.

What we do

Logo Design

Visual Identity

Graphic Design

Packaging Design


Web Design


Investing in good design is essential when starting a business or creating a new product.

Brands are great when they become a customer’s friend.

In order to build a strong relationship with your customers, you need a great visual identity (logo, name, slogan, color palette, image style, typography, etc.). The impact of a good logo design, relevant and recognizable will differentiate yourself from the competition. You want to be noticed, to be remembered and create customer loyalty that is necessary for repeat purchases.

Brand identity is important for how you are perceived and is used to create a positive impression in the minds of consumers. It’s an assurance of quality and will generate more sales and profitability. Brands need to be flexible and anticipate the future.

We also develop brand guidelines to ensure consistency of clear communications across various media.


The packaging design needs to establish a positive connection and communicate fast and clearly its purpose and intent.

Are consumers aware of your brand?

Attractively design and relevant to the target group that you are aiming at will create the desire in the mind of the customer to make the decision to choose your product. In front of a shelf, people will make a decision about what to purchase in seconds. This is why making your product stand out from the crowd is essential.

The Design Process

These are some of the key stages we are using while developing the packaging design project:
1. Research & analysis
2. Concept development
3. Design development
4. Design implementation


We build responsive websites that change to fit multiple devices.

If you need a presentation website, we are here to help. We collaborate closely with our clients to enjoy a smooth development process.

The most important parts of designing a good, efficient website are planning, deciding on the goals, and how to achieve this through content and functionality. Then we create a sitemap keeping in mind how to improve the user experience. The website needs to reflect your brand style and tell your story through text and graphics. 

To develop a bespoke website for small and medium-sized businesses, we use WordPress. We can offer you a maintenance plan that can include CMS and plugin updates, content refresh, improvements to meet changing demands and backing up.

We design a unique visual language that will make your business successful.

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